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Why Choose Chiropractic?

Because it's more than just back pain.

A chiropractor removes interference to your nervous system. Your spine is the area that they adjust to remove these interference. This allows for your nerves and organs to receive the proper signals, to help them function at their optimum. Many people during a chiropractic adjustment are able to have relief from pain and are able to restore function to many areas in the body. Chiropractors are trained to not only adjust the spine, but extremities as well. Many also have extensive knowledge in nutrition, and so much more.

There are no two chiropractors alike, and no two adjustments are alike. Chiropractors learn different techniques to help their patients, because we all know the human body is very complicated. Dr. Sims believes that he needs to be constantly learning, because what may work for one patient may not work for another patient. He has even found that sometimes what once worked on a patient, may not work the same way on the same patient. Our bodies change, and so should the technique/approach.

Ask your chiropractor about the many techniques that they may use to help you achieve your goals.

Because it's more than an insurance claim.

The question isn't, "Who is going to pay?"
The question is, "Do you need the appointment?"
Many people believe that they can only seek chiropractic care, if their insurance is going to pay for it. Regardless of who is helping to contribute to the cost of treatment, the first priority should be do I need treatment or not. 
If you are someone who believes that chiropractic care is more than just symptoms, then you also understand that insurance does not cover anything except symptoms.
Our job is to explain how your insurance works with your chiropractic care. Remember each insurance company has their own set of guidelines and recommendations.
True Chiropractic Care is about removing interference to the nervous system, regardless of symptoms. When using insurance for chiropractic care, you are limited to only the symptoms presented.

So what are you waiting for?

Call a chiropractor near you and find out the many health benefits, that chiropractic care can offer you. Regardless of pain or insurance. Please note: Our office will stay within the parameters of your insurance company, if you choose to use insurance in our office.

Our office would love to welcome you to our chiropractic family, but it doesn't matter what chiropractor you choose. We are just happy knowing that you are choosing what is best for you and for your health.

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